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Proven Results

Clinical trial results published in October 2021 issue of Journal of Gerontologican Nursing

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Palarum at OSU Wexner Medical Center

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to Implement Palarum's Smart Sock Fall Prevention Technology

Reduction in Patient Falls
*Compared to CMS 5 falls per 1000 patient days

Reduction in Falls Alarms


Palarum’s PUP® (Patient Is UP) solution utilizes a platform built around a patented "Smart" Sock and IoT technologies which document and notify caregivers when a patient is truly up and out of bed unattended. This technology is an advancement from the currently utilized methods in hospitals and provides hospitals and hospital systems with the technology and data to drive results within their organization.

PUP® “Smart” Sock

A revolutionary, patented wearable technology to help prevent patient falls and enhance rehabilitation therapy. Using eTextile and IoT technologies, PUP® socks issue real-time alarms to immediately notify nearby nurses that a fall-risk patient is out of bed, standing, and/or attempting to walk unassisted.

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Mobility takes place while the patient is on their feet. As such, Palarum’s "Smart" Socks are a perfect complement to enhance patient safety in the promotion of early ambulation. Utilizing a "Smart" Sock, Palarum creates a flexibility never before seen in Physical Therapy. The combination of an innovative approach tying in real-time data tracking, teach back promotes an outcome data driven approach to help drive results in your hospital or healthcare facility.

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Palarum’s focus on patient safety led it to rethink the current approach to electronic rounding. Focusing on simple, consistent approach Palarum created an enterprise platform of digital rounding tools, with easy-to-use enterprise- or hospital-level dashboard to track progress and results. Some of these include, Nurse Rounding, Interdisciplinary Rounding, Leadership Rounding.

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Palarum collects first of its kind real-time data on activity on our platform, which can be used to help monitor and drive an institution’s fall prevention program.

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