How we can help

Our healthcare consulting team works with your management team to improve clinical quality, patient safety, employee safety, medical readiness, preparedness, and employee engagement. Together we can improve the patient experience and outcomes by transforming our delivery models and optimizing patient safety.

Patient Falls

Palarum was founded on fall prevention. Our clinical experts and reservoir of data are critical to ensuring your facility has the premier fall prevention plan.

Hospital Safety

Palarum’s position within multiple departments has given us a unique view into hospital safety, with a focus on logistics. We will review your current safety plan and recommend a more efficient and safe way to maintain your safety goals.

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters, whether natural or otherwise, are a significant concern for any facility. Palarum’s team of experts will assess your current plan and advise to any changes.

Patient Safety

It is essential to maintain optimal patient safety protocols to responsibly care for your patients. Palarum’s team of patient care specialists will assess your current plan and recommend up-to-date processes to improve your patients' safety.

Employee Safety

All employees desire to work in a safe and protected atmosphere. Palarum’s team will review your current safety practices and provide recommendations to support an optimally safe work environment.

Employee Engagement

Palarum utilizes the Knowles Theory of learning to actively engage employees in education and training. Palarum’s team of trained educators are ready to assess and recommend enhanced engagement models for your facility to thrive.

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